Paolo Mereghetti

Paolo Mereghetti was born in Milan in 1949 and is a journalist and film critic for Corriere della Sera and the magazine Io Donna. He has written for Ombre rosse, Positif, Linea d'ombra, Reset, Lo straniero and has a column on Ciak. He published for the Cahiers du Cinéma and Le Monde a book on Orson Welles, then published in Italy, Spain and Great Britain. In 2012 he edited for the Contrasto publishing house the volume Movie Box, translated into six languages. He was a consultant for the Venice International Film Festival under the direction of Carlo Lizzani, Gian Luigi Rondi and Alberto Barbera. He has published, among others, essays and books on Arthur Penn, Marco Ferreri, Bertrand Tavernier, Sam Peckinpah and Jacques Rivette. In 2001 he won the Flaiano Award for Film Criticism.

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