Locarno Kids – 2020

The younger audience once again has a starring role at the Locarno Film Festival

Locarno Kids – 2020



The younger audience once again has a starring role at the Locarno Film Festival via the Locarno Kids HomeMade Movies project: alongside their families, children are invited to discover the magical world of stop-motion animation and make their first film.  

One small step for an animated character, a giant leap for the Locarno Film Festival: following in the footsteps of previous successful workshops, Locarno Kids confirms its focus on new generations through Locarno Kids HomeMade Movies, a digital project that aims to introduce younger viewers to the fascinating world of stop-motion animation, via direct contact with a professional. It’s Claude Barras, the director of My Life as a Courgette (2016), which was nominated for an Oscar in 2017, who is invited to introduce the project by offering initial advice regarding this highly unique animation technique. Through a series of video tutorials, the kids, with help from parents, relatives, friends and classmates, can take part in the Festival by submitting their own short film. Inspired by the idea of rediscovering the wonders of the world beyond one’s own room, the themes chosen for the initiative are the environment and ecology, encouraging the participants to express their imagination in the name of sharing and collaboration. A jury is responsible for selecting and rewarding the best films among the submissions, thus including them in the Festival program for 2021.


The deadline for submitting your animated short to the Locarno Film Festival is Saturday, 5 September 2020



Rules and guidelines for participation



Welcome to Locarno Kids HomeMade Movies

Claude Barras, director of My Life as Zucchini, welcomes you to Locarno Kids' new project dedicated to stop-motion animation.

How to tell a story

The first step to make a stop-motion animation is to think about the story you want to tell! Who, where, what? Which setting, which characters?  Once the idea is clear, it will be time to write the screenplay and draw the storyboard.

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The stop-motion animator tools

To make your short film in stop-motion you just need a few tools that you can easily find at home and a few tips from someone who knows all the secrets of animation. 

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A first example of stop-motion in space

What happens if a space rubber is attacked by a pencil rocket? Follow the example of Luca, the new travel companion of Locarno Kids HomeMade Movies, and try it with simple objects you can find around you. 

Watch the ball!

Another example of stop-motion animation and many practical tips to give shape and movement to your ideas. 

Stay tuned!

Other videos to help you make your animated short film will be uploaded on a regular basis in the weeks to come.

For any information or advice on how to create your story, write to locarnokids@locarnofestival.ch and we will happily provide assistance. 



Submit your HomeMade Movie

When your short film is ready, you can send it to the Locarno Film Festival

  1. Reread the Rules and guidelines carefully
  2. Complete and submit the following Participation form
  3. Send your short film to locarnokids@locarnofestival.ch

    If your video is too heavy we suggest you to use www.wetransfer.com indicating in the text of the email your name and surname and the title of your short film.

Please note that the deadline for submission is Saturday 5 September.



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