Ben Moore

Ben Moore


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Ben Moore, born in the English village of Falstone, is Professor for Astrophysics at the University of Zurich. After obtaining his PhD from Durham University in 1991, he spent several years as a research associate at the University of California, Berkeley and at the University of Washington, Seattle.

As an academic, the bulk of Mr. Moore’s research is concerned with seeking to understand how the universe was born and how it evolved, often using custom built supercomputers to create simulations of the universe. In pursuing this quest for understanding, he has authored more than 200 scientific papers, exploring topics as varied as the origins of stars, planets and galaxies, dark matter, and dark energy.

Mr. Moore has also sought to share his insights with audiences beyond the academic realm by finding ways of communicating science to the public through different media. These endeavours have encompassed the publication of popular science books for adults and children, including Elephants in Space: The Past, the Present and Future of Life and the Universe; musical experiments, both solo and with the band Milk67; and opening the world’s first cosmic concept store: Da Draussen in Zurich. 

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