Signs of Life

Signs of Life Award for Best Film "Cocote" by Nelson Carlo De Los Santos Arias


"Ascent" by Fiona Tan, in 2016 in the Fuori concorso section


“Chi” (“Mr. Zhang Believes”) by Qiu Jiongjiong, in Signs of Life 2015


2014 Syrian film “Al-Rakib Al-Khaled” (“The Immortal Sergeant”) directed by Ziad Kalthoum


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Signs of Life aims to explore film’s frontier territories, engaging with new forms of narration and innovation in filmic language. Works by both emerging and acknowledged filmmakers will be presented as world or international premieres in evening programs at the Kursaal.


Signs of Life Award

Signs of Life, born in 2014 as a out-of-competition section, and aiming to explore frontier territories within the seventh art throughout novel narrative formats and innovation in filmic language, is now becoming competitive due to the success it has met with over the past few years. The award, amounting to 5,000 CHF, has been made possible thanks to the support from the in Zurich, the foundation whose mission is to support innovative cultural projects at an international level.

Fundación Casa Wabi - Mantarraya Award

Fundación Casa Wabi and Mantarraya in partnership with Morelia International Film Festival, will support the Fundación Casa Wabi - Mantarraya Award consisting in a residence at Casa Wabi – Puerto Escondido (Mexico) between one and one and a half month.

Swatch First Feature Awards

Swatch support the prizes awarded by a jury of international film critics to the two best first feature films selected for the sections Concorso internazionale, Concorso Cineasti del presente, Fuori concorso, Signs of Life and on the Piazza Grande:

  • Swatch First Feature Award, in the value of 15,000 CHF to be shared equally between the director and the producer awarded to the best first film.
  • The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Award: a special mention, with a 3 to 6 month residency in the Shanghai hotel of the same name.
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