Your Holiday in Ascona-Locarno


Welcome to Ascona Locarno. You can look forward to a superb nature, attractive little towns and picturesque villages. From the palms to the glaciers, the region of Lago Maggiore and its surrounding valleys will amaze you with its variety.

 Summer on Lake Maggiore

The Lake Maggiore region is a fascinating mix of Swiss quality and Mediterranean charm, the perfect destination for a holiday that combines lakes and mountains. Our region has everything the most modern European cities can boast, as well as a dash of personality that makes it unique.

A long, narrow lake, swimming spots where you can go for a dip, beaches for basking in the sun, plenty of water sports, emerald-coloured rivers, mouth-watering ice creams to sample by the lake and countless corners of paradise where you can relax. Even when it’s hot, hot, hot, Lake Maggiore is the ideal spot for a regenerating and reinvigorating holiday, where you can take advantage of its crystal-clear waters for a swim or indulge in your favourite water sport. Make water the theme of your holiday and dive into the enchanted atmosphere of Ascona-Locarno.

For those who stay in the region, the my Ascona-Locarno app helps you get even more out of your stay. Events, attractions and activities at extremely profitable prices.


Lake, rivers, pools, excursions. There’s always something to do


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