Ascona Locarno, Destination sponsor

Aldo Merlini, President of the Tourist Organisation Lago Maggiore e Valli.


At its best, cinema helps us discover new worlds, both inside and outside of ourselves. For 71 years, the Locarno Festival has provided a precious opportunity for growth and comparison. It allows us to explore countless aspects of society, to travel through time and to live a thousand lives. Research that goes not only into the realm of the moving image, but also into ours, literally. The Festival also offers its audience the ground in which it is rooted, acting as a sounding board for its beauty and conveying its echo well beyond the borders of our region. As a region for tourism – even more so in our role as Destination partner – we have always believed in the uniqueness and power of this event, in its quality and ability to constantly improve and professionalise its organizing structure. The competitiveness of this event on a national and international level is undoubtedly a beacon for our region. May the spotlights of cinema be an invitation to discover the values of the Festival and the region that plays host to it.


Ascona-Locarno projects for Locarno Festival

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