Piazza Grande Restaurant by S.Pellegrino

Efficiency, elegance, and passion for cinema in a brand-new event location.

Piazza Grande Restaurant by S.Pellegrino



Located in the heart of the Locarno Film Festival, the upcoming Piazza Grande Restaurant by S.Pellegrino will be hosted at the 3rd floor of the Palazzo del Cinema in an enchanting and modernly furnished environment overlooking the city of Locarno. The new concept will allow guests to enjoy a first-class service in a high standard atmosphere before the evening screening.  Thanks to the versatility of the event room, the
 Piazza Grande Restaurant by S.Pellegrino will become the location par excellence for high-end corporate events, as there will be the possibility to create reserved areas for each company, ensuring the necessary privacy to enjoy an evening in the most relaxed way possible.


The package includes:

• Welcome drink and appetizer on the rooftop terrace

• Dinner: 3 course Gourmet Flying Dinner

• Drinks served by the catering crew 

• Themed photo wall and photo service during the evening  

• Accompaniment to the red carpet 

• Premium Tickets for seats within the reserved area of Piazza Grande



Piazza Grande Restaurant by S.Pellegrino



• 6.00 PM Welcome drink 

• 6.30 PM Dinner 

• 8.30 PM Entrance to Piazza Grande through the red carpet

• 9.30 PM Beginning of the evening screening



• CHF 300.- (VAT excluded) per person
 VIP Premium ticket for a value of CHF 150.- included

Please note that: 

• this offer is not available on Friday, August 7th
• price may vary on Wednesday, August 12th when a special evening
 will be hosted in partnership with S.Pellegrino and Sapori Ticino
• the Program times may vary on Saturday, August 15th



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