Who is John Pardo?

John? He’s the easygoing kind. He’s older than I am, but I’m ready to bet that anyone who met us would think the opposite. He’s the easygoing kind because that’s the way his life is: easygoing. He responds to stress with that smile of his that would charm the grizzly bear in The Revenant, that smile I either love or hate (it depends on who he’s smiling at…). He’s a handsome guy, and he knows it, too, although sometimes he forgets it and goes out looking like something bought from a dime store in Rimini. Needless to say, he likes to take things easy in the theater as well: armchair, darkness in the house, couch, silence… That was the setting for a movie culture based on Spielberg, De Palma, Herzog, Eastwood… And that’s how, when I was 3 and mom left us on our own at home, he force-fed me with E.T., The Goonies and The NeverEnding Story… And I ask you, where could an easy-going, “no stress” movie fan want to spend two weeks in summer, if not at the Locarno Festival? Movie, beer, lake, movie, beer, laRotonda… For years he’s loved to have his birthday in Locarno (if you run into him on August the third, buy him a beer), and this year we’re going to celebrate it together. Always assuming the screening of Tourneur’s Cat People isn’t on at the same time, that is! By the way, an easygoing type like him would have to live with a cat, Fat. Unbearable, and adorable, just like him. Jane (his sister…)

Jane (his sister…)

Who is Jane?

Jane is Jane. You could try to explain her in 74 different ways and she’d still tell you the right one is number 75. She’s got a good head on her shoulders. She’s younger than I am, but if you ask her, you can be sure she’ll tell you that she’s the mature one (well, maybe). She studied philosophy (and, my, does she remind you of the fact if it comes to an argument) and she works as a make-up artist for TV. I don’t know if the movies are her dream, perhaps not. But I do know that the movies make her dream, and maybe that’s how she’d like it to stay, like a den in which she can hide away and let her world take over. For one thing, when she comes out of there, you’d better watch out… she can go on repeating a point as steady as a metronome (like I told you, she studied philosophy) and no way is she going to shift from that position, not even in the face of divine intervention. Well, maybe Adrien Brody might change her mind. For sure at the Festival you’ll come across her in the line outside L’Altra Sala right at midday, the sun beating down, and she’ll be deep in the catalogue, trying to work out a well-nigh impossible schedule of nine “unmissable” screenings in one day. On the other hand she might be at laRotonda, talking about movies with someone (and if that someone happens to be you, don’t say I didn’t warn you – she studied philosophy!). Mind you, if her friends are to be believed, when she’s set on having a good time then it’s “see you when I see you”, not hell or high water are going to stop her. I just can’t wait to catch up with her one of those nights… Having said which, if you want to know how to recognize her, well, she’s that lovely little creature with the yellow glasses who chases after screenings with her nose in a book! Younger than me, and she studied philosophy.

John (her adoring brother, though he’d never admit to it)

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