Il villaggio del Festival

From 28 July to 13 August

Il villaggio del Festival



Locarno's rotonda needs no introduction. But laRotonda at the 70th edition of the Locarno Festival certainly does.
Because it is still there, as dynamic and colorful as ever, but with a very different look – obviously covered in leopard spots. Evening dress? If that's your thing, go ahead and dress to impress. But you'll be just as well received in a t-shirt, bermuda shorts, flip flops and a panama hat!
laRotonda is still the usual unmissable Festival experience, but with many new highlights this year. A talking-forum for the FEVI and the Sala, a prelude to the Piazza Grande, a hangout area for late nights, in other words the beating heart of the Festival.

There you will find live music, DJ sets, themed bars, Food Districts, an Open Market, as well as comfy chairs, shade, cool and lots of chit-chat. 
So just as it always was: food & drink, a chill-out space, music. But this year, with a Festival seventy years young, we will also be live on Rete Tre, offer VJ sessions with students from SUPSI and propose Virtual Reality experiences with the Geneva International Film Festival Tous Ecrans.

LaRotonda of #Locarno70 is the place to be. Meet up between the Palexpo (FEVI) and the GranRex, gather opinions on the next screening, share your feelings on that film which was "great, but ...", or agree on the success of another: two hours spent with eyes riveted to the screen. And the spot round, obviously,  to take a break, have a beer and a bite - Tibetan, African, Aramaic, Ticinese, Indian, Mexican or Filipino. flavors for everyone. So, this year laRotonda is the Festival village.

Also this year that's how laRotonda is. Enjoy it.

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