Highland Sanctuary

1.08.2019 | 19:00-20:00


Behind the new Swiss Folk-Pop Act Highland Sanctuary is the young, extremely talented musician, singer/songwriter and music producer Simeon.

Influenced by The Passenger and Mumford and Sons, Highland Sanctuary creates an unmistakable sound that can sweep people away on the radio, in pubs and at festivals. Highland Sanctuary - one of the most promising newcomer acts in 2019!

Marius Bear

1.08.2019 | 20:30-21:30


When the media writes about him, they resort to superlatives: his voice is too big for Switzerland. He is the Swiss Joe Cocker. These are just two of countless statements that try to do justice to Marius Bear's talent. The young singer-songwriter from Appenzell has taken Switzerland by storm with his raw, powerful voice and thanks to the emotional songs soaked in blues on the EP "Sanity".  At the Swiss Music Awards 2019 Marius Bear won in the category "SRF 3 Best Talent". 

Nils Burri

1.08.2019 | 22:00-23:15


Nils Burri is the "Hardest Working Singer-Songwriter of the Bernese Oberland". The musician, who grew up in Frutigen, plays over 100 shows a year all over Switzerland and in nearby foreign countries - including on the big stages such as the Gurten Festival in Bern or the Moon & Stars in Locarno. With the single "Hey Hey" from his current album "Superman", Nils Burri has landed a hit that is also a popular guest on the radio. His folky pop songs with a catchy tune make every audience dance and sing along live.

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