Mario Batkovic

Monday, August 5th 2019 | 20:00 - 21:00


Mario Batkovic plays the accordion as if his instrument were an imposing orchestra and explores the tonal possibilities without any effects. A man and his accordion; hypnotic and simply grandiose. Batkovic is a composer and for film and game soundtracks represented by Soundtrack Music Associates Los Angeles. His musical contributions to the game of superlatives, Red Dead Redemption 2, go around the world because the computer game has sold 30 million copies. Batkovic, who appears on stages around the globe because of his hypnotic soundscapes, was one of eight composers under the direction of Woody Jackson to be responsible for the music of the Open World Game. He also wrote the soundtracks for films such as "The Beekeeper". In Locarno he will play parts of his solo album, but will also come up with spontaneous musical surprises.

Dj ZsuZsu

5&6-08.2019 | 21:30-23:30


DJ ZsuZsu not only mixes the sounds of the 50s with the driving energy of electronic music, but lets these elements collide with each other. House, Deep House, Electro and Electroswing are the handles. The goal of every party is a thunderstorm, a storm, a thundering hurricane on whose waves you ride and catch yourself screaming "Singing In The Rain". That's pretty gross and pretty awesome at the same time!

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