Andrea Bignasca

31.07.2019 | 19:00-20:00

With his last album "Murder", the singer and multi-instrumentalist positions himself well versed between dynamic blues rock, self-confident singer/songwriter and energetic southern rock. Andrea has emancipated herself as a self-confident rock musician and likes to cite Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty, whose music has shaped the bilingual musician since childhood, as important influences. From self-confident guitar walls to filigree melodies, playful hooks and sometimes even fragile balladesque breaks, in which Bignasca impressively reveals the full range of his warm and charismatic voice, the new album "Murder" is a multifaceted development of a musician who is just about to really get started.

The Two

31.07.2019 | 20:30-21:30

Thanks to their common love for the blues, The Two have been able to play hundreds of shows in the past despite their young band history and are also welcome guests at the big festivals. The Two are a duo with roots in Switzerland and Mauritius. Musically they draw their inspiration from the Delta Blues and the Creole Blues. The result are the authentic songs on their last album "Crossedsouls", which unfold their full effect live.

Saint City Orchestra

31.07.2019 | 22:00-23:15

The St. Gallen band Saint City Orchestra thrills the audience with rousing and atmospheric Irish rock and stands for a lot of sweat and exuberant concert visitors.

After their successful EP the guys from Eastern Switzerland have released the album "Chaos". The album title promises a lot and only gives an idea of what surprises the band has come up with in their live show. With a lot of heart and soul, a turbulent stage show and new songs, the Saint City Orchestra is now on the road and on course for domestic and foreign clubs and festivals. The whole thing more stormy than ever before...

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