laRotonda is... wood


Wood that is structure, chair, coffee table, living matter, but also perfume and warmth. laRotonda 2019 will be so much wood; above the head, under the feet or under a drink. And the wood, in laRotonda, will be a precise choice, a sustainable choice, an eco choice. The choice to live today without losing anything, especially the future. laRotonda 2019 will be as warm as wood, welcoming at 360°, for those who want to spend a night of celebration and for families who want to enjoy an evening of relaxation, together, between music and street artists. The artists of the project Girotondo, conceived and assembled with Swiss Mobiliar, ready to capture the eyes of those who will pass through there for a bite to eat and a breath of air. laRotonda 2019 will be natural, and natural will be to go there. laRotonda 2019 will be the Locarno Film Festival, will be Locarno72.

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