laRotonda is... light


It's the light after the darkness in the movie theater, the light that ignites the night and turns off the heat, the light that shines on a stage and a small table. laRotonda 2019 will be a new, warm, comfortable light. It will be a homely light, where one feels surrounded by family. It will be the light shining in the eyes of younger viewers, as they watch the magic tricks and acrobatics of the street artists who will inhabit the new Festival Village every night. It will be the light of curiosity and discovery during the workshops of Accademia Teatro Dimitri, in the wonderful Girotondo la Mobiliare. laRotonda2019 will be the soft light of sunset, best enjoyed with a drink, and the powerful, fiery light of music and live performances. It will be a brand new light, never seen before inside that circle of fun, relaxation and entertainment that will liven up the Festival nights.

laRotonda2019 will be the Locarno Film Festival., it will be Locarno72.

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