Annie Goodchild

Annie Goodchild



The charming American artist Annie Goodchild has left remarkable musical traces around the world from New York to Switzerland. She has played sold-out venues worldwide with Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox, has toured several times throughout Europe with her former band Melou, and given numerous guest appearances with artists from all over Europe. And finally, there is her own work. Her music. Her songwriting, her expression. It is difficult to epitomise a sound so far-reaching, a style that has spanned various regions of the globe, but Goodchild manages to bring all of this together delicately and gracefully. To communicate, if you will, all of this experience into a sound that is truly her own.

On stage from 19:45 to 20:30 and from 21:45 to 22:30 | Dj set before and after the concert



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