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DJ Marcelle



There are not many conventional rules in the world of Dutch DJ and producer DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess, or they have to be her own, but which she is more than happy to break at any time she fancies. For the past 15 years Marcelle has been travelling around Europe and beyond, playing her brave three turntable sets in front of often stunned, surprised and euphoric audiences. She is an original, skilled mixer, with a very distinctive style of her own, avoiding most DJ-clichés and stale rules. Marcelle - who believes in using strictly vinyl - creates every gig fully improvised sets, containing the latest leftfield sounds in new electronic, world and other independent music, merged and mixed with a skill rarely seen in international 'beat-boring-matching' (as she calls it) days. From the start she has always been much, or even more of, a musician as she is a DJ, as amongst others was recognised by Faust founder member Hans-Joachim Irmler, who since 2008 has released four Marcelle albums on his Klangbad label.

On stage from 20:30 to 21:30 and from 22:30 to 00:00

www.anothernicemess.com  |  www.soundcloud.com/marcelle  |  www.vimeo.com/106835017

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