Conjuring comparisons to one of the most vibrantly progressive and melodically beautiful producers of recent times in BATHS, Favela’s offering marks him out as a serious new UK talent. First release ‘Nevermore’ has as its bed a sea of softly ebbing synths and growing hissing percussion to lay a haunting, melodic foundation over a unique and intriguing vocal. Producing it in his bedroom overlooking the Hyde Park area of the city, Favela would see a mosque, a hindu temple and a number of churches which stick out of the landscape - every time his eyes wandered up from his computer screen and out of the window it reminded him of the surreal and amazing reality of people from different backgrounds living in close quarters with one other. In a sense ‘Nevermore’ has a spirit of togetherness and warmth at its core. It’s a sensitive and engrossing track that starkly outlines the talents of a truly special emerging artist.

On stage from 19:30 to 20:30 | Dj set before and after the concert



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