Batiment (TI) / Zeno Gabaglio (TI)

Batiment (TI)



DJ for more than 15 years for passion and playing in different underground clubs, his musical path is an evolution of numerous aspects and artistic influences that convey in every dj set, where everything is brought into question, creating refined rythmics and unique atmospheres.

Zeno Gabaglio (TI)


Zeno Gabaglio

Zeno Gabaglio is one of the most well-known cellist in Switzerland. After his cello studies, Zeno Gabaglio focused on all musical aspects, with a particular preference for the authentic, innovative and unusual musical   streams. Till today he has published four records, he has created the musics for thirty film and theatrical producers and he has taken part in different concerts in Europe, America and Asia. Moreover, he works as a musical critic, organiser and freelance professional professor.

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