Juli Lee (BE) / Florian Egli (ZH)

Juli Lee (BE)



Juli Lee

Grown up in Berne, for Juila aka Juli Lee music is the first priority. Unconventionally she combines groovy rhythms and driving basslines with elements of a broad variety of well selected styles and succeeds to create a homogenous sound, despite diversity.
She now plays almost every weekend in Germany, Croatia and in New York and she thinks that it is the duty of a DJ to spread good music in our social media society.





Florian Egli (ZH)



Florian Egli

Florian Egli has started playing the flute and the piano when he was five. Then, at the age of 11, he has begun playing the classical saxophone and during the high school he joined the funk/hip hop band «Moondogs». Together with his band, he collects many theatrical experiences and records his first notes in the dinamo studio in Zurich.
Not only Egli works as a freelance saxophonist in different groups and projects, but also he has created a newsletter on the underground jazz movements of Zurich.



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