Prioleau (ZH) / Kety Fusco (CH)

Prioleau (ZH)




As a student at the Rudolf Steiner Schule in Zürich, for Prioleau music, theatre and art have always been at the centre. His first musical project started in 2011 and in the following years he published 12“ vynils, playing in well-known clubs both in Swizerland and abroad.
His projects try always to discover something new, taking inspiration from house, breaks, techno music and from rough similar sounds.


Kety Fusco (CH)



Kety Fusco

Kety Fusco has started playing the harp since she was eight. She is a musician, but also a composer: as a matter of fact Kety has composed some pieces for theatre, radio and TV. Recently she has also embraced a personal composition career using the electric harp, synthesizers and live electronics.

Kety Fusco accompanies often the «Peter Kernel» band from Ticino. In the past, she collaborated with Zeno Gabaglio and the writer Alberto Nessi and she played in some important festivals like Les Rockomotives in Vendôme (France) and Hop Pop Hop Festival in Orleans (France).




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