Roxanne (ZH) / Daniela Savoldi feat. Laura Masotto (IT)

Roxanne (ZH)




Regarding the subject «You should absolutely try this», Roxanne has her own meaning: «You should try (almost) everything at least once in your life». Rosanna is the half of the «Grüter & Bürgin» duo. Together with John Bürgin, every Thursday, she immerses herself in the world of electronics.



Daniela Savoldi feat. Laura Masotto (IT)


Laura Masotto (IT)


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Daniela Savoldi feat. Laura Masotto


Laura Masotto (violin) and Daniela Savoldi (cello), combining their deep instrumental knowledge with their creativity and their love for music, will improvise on their emotions, born directly at the Locarno Garden La Mobiliare.

Daniela Savoldi is an Italian-Brasilian cellist with an intense activity as performer. She recorded with her cello for Muse, Le Luci della Centrale Elettrica, Paola Turci and her first record “Trasformazioni” has been produced by “Red Carpet Studio” in Brescia.

Laura Masotto is an eclectic violinist who is never be afraid of giving herself a challenge and every time it is a success. She has been publishing many records and she has collaborated with different well-known artists. Furthermore, she is the first violin of Mauro Ottolini’s orchestra.

Currently, she’s composing and recording some original contemporary music with her brother, the successful pianist and composer Lorenzo Masotto.




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