Thursday, August 15


Kety Fusco (TI) – Soloist

Kety Fusco, a talented Italian harpist trained at the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland, has broken with the classical schemes and built a live set with her electric harp: spatial, raw, minimal and electronic. Everything you would never expect from a harp. On stage she is alone with her harp, a synth and a bass pedal (yes, one of those you can see on the church organ!).

After playing with several orchestras, Fusco collaborated with Peter Kernel and participated in various European festivals, moving from an academic background to experimentation. Now he dedicates himself to his compositions, in which the harp - his chosen instrument - combines the use of electronics. He released his first single of 2019 entitled Medusah and immediately took part in a very successful European tour. "Kety is something to see, because it's not possible to explain it."

2019 single of Medusah, Aris Bassetti production (Peter Kernel & Producer Camilla Sparksss)- 


Nixxie (Greece) – DJ

Nixxie is a Greek dj and producer with world roots. His musical style has range, from downtempo through to jumpier dub tech, tech house and deep house sounds.


Géssica Sant'Ana (Brazil / Switzerland) – Soloist

Géssica Sant'Ana is a violist in love with music. Her repertory goes from classical music to Brasilian traditional music. She is passionate about Brazilian culture and shows it with her instrument by playing pieces from the traditional Brazilian repertory. With rhythm and melody, she presents to the public a little part of her huge and rich country.

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