Friday, August 9

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FIJI (BE/TI) – Band

The Bernese duo guarantees quality in the electroclash world and goes beyond national borders. Seven years after "Spell On Me", producer and pianist Simon Schüttel and singer Simone DeLorenzi released the fifth album Bizarre (2019 Smartship Production).

Bizarre is a tribute to what is outside the norm, that lives of its own color distinguishing the individual. With the erotic charge of an aesthetic made up of lacquers, stiletto heels and latex, Simone's sensual voice and Simon Schüttel's analog electronic constructions are condensed into an album of fourteen tracks and seventy-five minutes of music, free from the mainstream logic .

text. Marco Kohler

Yeelen (TI) – DJ

Her musical knowledge based on solid studies of classical guitar has allowed her to have an open and precise vision of both present and past musics. Thanks to her strong creativity, Yeelen takes part in the creation of the musical group The Black Heidis. Starting from intimate concerts and arriving to those of the small festivals, her band receives recognition year after year.

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