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Din dragoste cu cele mai bune intentii (Best Intentions)

Din dragoste cu cele mai bune intentii (Best Intentions)



Adrian Sitaru returns to Locarno, where he won the Pardino d'oro in 2007 for Waves, with an impressive dark dramedy, one easily identifiable to anyone who has dealt with the delicate problems stemming from the illness of a parent. In such cases, everyone becomes a doctor, or, to paraphrase Renoir, “Everyone has his opinions.” Din Dragoste Cu Cele Mai Bune Intentii (Best Intentions) follows the experience of Alex David (Bogdan Dumitrache, recognizable from many films in the Romanian New Wave), who is thrown for a loop when his mother unexpectedly suffers a stroke. He travels back from Bucharest to his hometown, where he tries to deal with his mother’s sickness in the best way that he can—arguing with everyone around him. In the carnival-like hospital sits a flawless ensemble cast who play doctors, family members and patients (including one, horribly scarred in a car accident, sporting a rabbit mask), each of whom reflects Alex’s insecurities back on him. As each small mistake is compounded, Alex’s journey towards discovering his own powerlessness leads him to a state of heightened paranoia. Sitaru and cinematographer Adrian Silişteanu again employ their distinctive frontal POV style of shooting as way to placing viewers smack in the middle of each scene. In this deeply humanist work, Sitaru implies Alex is blind to his actions, truthfully reflecting the reality of our own arrogant futility in the face of what we cannot control.

Lorenzo Buccella

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