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On Preminger’s trail

On Preminger’s trail



The Retrospective of the 65th Festival del film Locarno, presented in collaboration with the Swiss and French national film archives, is dedicated to Otto Preminger (1905 -1986), a Hollywood master of European origin. The Festival will be presenting the director’s entire filmography: some forty titles which will be screened in the best available 35mm prints during the eleven days of the event. Among the guests of the Retrospective taking part during the Festival will be the American singer and actor Harry Belafonte (Carmen Jones, 1954), composer Paul Glass (Bunny Lake Is Missing, 1965) and French actress Mylène Demongeot (Bonjour Tristesse, 1958), who will be meeting the Locarno audience to talk about her work with Preminger and present her autobiography, in a forum moderated by the curator of this year’s Retrospective, Carlo Chatrian, on Thursday 9 August at 14:30 in the Bar Magnolia – Spazio RSI.

The 16:30 screenings will be followed by discussion sessions on Preminger’s cinema and his approaches to 20th century history, American society and institutions, both as director and producer. The introductions and debates will feature numerous guests – filmmakers, actors and critics – invited to Locarno for the Retrospective, including Benoît Jacquot, Emmanuel Burdeau, Chris Fujiwara, Pierre Rissient, Jean Douchet, Barbet Schroeder, Miguel Marías, Enrico Ghezzi, Freddy Buache, Christoph Huber, Jean-Claude Brisseau and Paul Glass.
In addition to these moments of critical focus on Preminger’s work, the program of films will continue throughout the day, closing with an 11:30 screening of a thriller, a genre with which Preminger’s name is always closely linked.

Alongside the program of screenings, the Festival public will also be able to attend a round table on the cinema of Otto Preminger moderated by Carlo Chatrian. This will be held on Thursday 9 August at 10:00 am in the Spazio Cinema (Forum). Among those taking part will be film critics Jean Douchet and Chris Fujiwara.

Given that it proved impossible to include Porgy And Bess (1959) in the Retrospective program, Festival goers will be offered the chance to attend a lecture on the film given by U.S. cinema historian Foster Hirsch.

A book in French and English is coming out to mark the Retrospective, published by Capricci in conjunction with Festival del film Locarno and the Swiss film archive and entitled Otto Preminger.

The Otto Preminger Retrospective will be repeated this fall by the Swiss and French film archives as joint organizers, in partnership with TCM.

DIE GROSSE LIEBE (The Great Love) – Austria – 1931
UNDER YOUR SPELL – United States – 1936
DANGER: LOVE AT WORK – United States – 1937
MARGIN FOR ERROR – United States – 1943
IN THE MEANTIME, DARLING – United States – 1944
LAURA – United States – 1944
A ROYAL SCANDAL by Otto Preminger and Ernst Lubitsch – United States – 1945
FALLEN ANGEL – United States – 1945
CENTENNIAL SUMMER – United States – 1946
FOREVER AMBER – United States – 1947
DAISY KENYON – United States – 1947
THE FAN – United States – 1949
WHIRLPOOL – United States – 1949
WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS – United States – 1950
THE 13TH LETTER – United States – 1951
ANGEL FACE – United States – 1952
STALAG 17 by Billy Wilder – United States – 1953 (with Otto Preminger)
THE MOON IS BLUE – United States – 1953
RIVER OF NO RETURN – United States – 1954
CARMEN JONES – United States – 1954
THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM – United States – 1955
SAINT JOAN – United States/United Kingdom – 1957
BONJOUR TRISTESSE – United States – 1958
ANATOMY OF A MURDER – United States – 1959
EXODUS – United States – 1960
ADVISE & CONSENT – United States – 1962
THE CARDINAL – United States – 1963
IN HARM'S WAY – United States – 1965
BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING – United States – 1965
HURRY SUNDOWN – United States – 1967
SKIDOO – United States – 1968
SUCH GOOD FRIENDS – United States – 1971
ROSEBUD – United States – 1975
THE HUMAN FACTOR – United Kingdom – 1979

Locarno’s retrospectives have often broken new ground, from major historical monographs (Yasujiro Ozu, Boris Barnet, Mario Camerini, Sacha Guitry, Frank Tashlin, Allan Dwan, Orson Welles, etc.) to thematic programmes (such as Another History of Soviet Cinema 1926–1968 or Asia in Hollywood) and extensive tributes to contemporary directors (Youssef Chahine, Abbas Kiarostami, Marco Bellocchio, Aki Kaurismäki, etc.) as well as complete retrospectives of filmmakers who have left their mark on film history, such as Ernst Lubitsch in 2010 and Vincente Minnelli last year.

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