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Age Is…: a world premiere to remember Stephen Dwoskin

Age Is…: a world premiere to remember Stephen Dwoskin



A new film has been added to the program - out of contest - to remember who suddenly died at the age of 73 the last 28 June: Stephen Dwoskin, such an irregular author that is impossible to lock in the canonical label of director because there is much more inside. Artist, experimenter, graphic designer, painter and self-sufficient videomaker: a man who transformed his camera and his vision into the alphabet to try to conduct a formal and linguistic research in an innovative way.

Born in Brooklyn and then moved to England, Dwoskin started to explore the fertile underworld of the indipendent cinema during the Sixties, breaking conventions with all the energy of his indipendent spirit. From the downtown experimentations in the New York scenes to the London avant-garde.

Always without breakdowns or appeasements, Dwoskin stayed faithful to an underground verve also when he took a stab at writing works for television like Behindert (1974). More than thirty between short, medium-length and full-length movies, the shadow of work which consolidates his creative universe where the most radical results stand out: American Dream (1961), Naissant (1964), Soliloquy (1967) and Me Myself and I (1967). All these works are followed by other ones which are always grotesque and nonconformist, but a little bit more controlled in the construction like Dirty (1971), Jesus Blood (1972), Laboured Party (1975) and Central Bazaar (1976).

Stephen Dwoskin realized a true visual journey which does not break down until Age is..., the last and new feature that will be screened - as homage and in world premiere - at the Festival del film Locarno on the 9th of August, at 4.15 pm (Cinema Rialto 1).

Lorenzo Buccella

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