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Alfred Hitchcock & Dino Risi

Alfred Hitchcock & Dino Risi



Pre-Festival, a tasty starter in Piazza Grande

A starter in the name of the great cinema for two special evenings in Piazza Grande before plunging into the rich menu prepared for the 65th edition of the Festival del film Locarno. Once again this year, in fact, the Festival is organising the Pre-Festival which proposes two free screenings (29 and 31 July 2012) which are open to everybody.
The Pre-Festival’s first evening, organised thanks to the support from Valora, will be on Sunday July 29 and will celebrate 100 years of Universal Pictures. Nothing better than reproposing a milestone of the hitchcockian career: Rear Window, (1954), starring the remarkable duo James Stewart and Grace Kelly.
The second evening, Tuesday July 31, is supported for the first time by UBS, one of the Festival del film Locarno’s main sponsor for the last thirty years. As an opener 1848 (1948) will be shown, a "short movie" commissioned to Dino Risi for the centenary of the Five Days of Milan in 1948. Thanks to the collaboration of Alberto Lattuada and Giorgio Strehler (who had just founded the Piccolo Teatro), Risi realizes a small masterpiece proposing the stages of the rebellion and underlining the great involvement of all the social classes: intellectuals, seminarists, children, peasants and women where the beautiful Lucia Bosé makes her début.
The film was discovered in the archives of the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano with four other documentaries identified by Sergio Toffetti, director of the Archivio Nazionale Cinema Impresa del Centro Sperimentale: Verso la vita, La provincia dei sette laghi, Tigullio minore and La fabbrica del Duomo, works which demonstrate the ability of the young Dino Risi - before becoming a great comedy standard-bearer - to direct great Italian documentaries in the postwar years. 1848 inaugurates the Locarno Festival’s tribute to Dino Risi, with the presentation – in the Histoire(s) du cinéma section – of five rarely shown or hitherto unseen short films by the Italian director.

1848 will be followed by Raffaello Matarazzo’s Rice Girl (La risaia, 1956), a drama set in the universe of rice weeders with a poignant performance of Elsa Martinelli who will attend the screening on the Piazza Grande that evening to introduce the film.

The evening will then conclude with the international premiere of Shouting Secrets (USA/Switzerland, 2011) by Swiss filmmaker Korinna Sehringer.

Lorenzo Buccella

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