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Locarno sounds good: Kylie Minogue in Piazza Grande!

Locarno sounds good: Kylie Minogue in Piazza Grande!


There is a music wave which animate the Festival. After the "megaphone effect" guaranteed by the arrivals of popular faces and golden voices in Locarno like Harry Belafonte and Gianni Morandi - not to mention younger artists like Cesare Cremonini - now it is time for a new talent who has developped her career on the same frequencies. In Piazza Grande, this year, there will be an icon of the pop culture: the Australian Kylie Minogue.

The appointment is scheduled for Friday, the third August, when her presence - petite and slightly aggressive - will enrich the presentation of the Pardo d'onore Swisscom which will be given to a visionary and irregular genius like Leos Carax.

Kylie Minogue, in fact, is one of the main performers of the last great work directed by the French videomaker, Holy Motors, which will be screened on the same day at 4:15 pm (La Sala). A performance where - as admitted by the popstar herself - acting and singing found an exceptional meeting point.

In the elegant, "cinéphile" mechanism adopted by a feature composed by movies into the movie, Kylie Minogue carves out a musical melò role where she performs in her prodigious octaves before leaving the scene in a dramatic way.

Her presence in Locarno is worth the double if we consider that the Melbourne born artist has also a cameo role in the cast of the American Jack and Diane (directed by Bradley Rust Gray) which was selected in the program of the Concorso internazionale.

Lorenzo Buccella
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