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The Music and the Voice of Ingrid Caven

The Music and the Voice of Ingrid Caven



I discovered this concert film in very particular circumstances. Screened at the salle Louis Lumière in the Hôtel Scribe, the venue that hosted the very first public screening, to a paying audience, in cinema history on December 28, 1895.

At the time it was called the Grand Café’s Indian Salon. It was a programme of ten films by the Lumière brothers, the audience numbered 33 people,  and it cost one franc.

On Wednesday June 20, 2012, around thirty of us assembled to see Ingrid Caven, musique et voix (a private, and free, screening). Nothing could make more sense, if one bears in mind the belief in recording, the tradition of the Lumière brothers, than to produce this fine piece of film and music.

Bonello’s film is the recording of a show by Ingrid Caven (at the Cité de la musique in Paris, May 2006) with songs written by Peer Raben, Jean-Jacques Schuhl, with Fassbinder as their muse, but also Brecht and Weill, Schönberg and Brahms...
The filming was organised at 24 hours’ notice, at the request of Jean-Jacques Schuhl, one of the greatest living French writers today (“Ingrid Caven”, Goncourt 2000) and the German actress and singer’s companion.

Bonello immediately agreed, as he was a friend and admirer of the couple. He attended the singer’s first performance and was knocked out by what he saw.

He was familiar with Ingrid Caven’s songs and records but had never seen her live. Bonello’s film is a model of what all filmed concerts should be: respectful of the artiste’s performance but also of the viewer, in order to convey the emotions of the audience
and the feeling on stage.

Ingrid Caven, musique et voix
Cinema Rialto 2, il 7 | 8 | 2012, ore 16.30

Olivier Père

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