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Festival Faces

Festival Faces




The Festival is a merry-go-round of faces. And the stories they tell build up the mood of the event.

You can see it on the faces that appear on the cover of Pardo Live. When we reprise the elegant profile of Charlotte Rampling (which we published on the August 1st issue, courtesy of The Kobal Collection), or when we use the work of Xavier Lambours shot on location in Locarno, with Leos Carax posing as a cowboy or a handsome Harry Belafonte in presidential pose.

It's in their ideal, and yet casual dialogue that the geography of this year's Festival is built. Especially when then the same faces are blown up on the large screen of the Piazza Grande, during the evening introductions or award ceremonies before the screenings, and turn into “stars” at gaze.

They are all there, a few steps away from thousands of other faces, the audience's, spectators in the most democratic open-air cinema in the World.


Lorenzo Buccella

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