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The Revaluation of Otto Preminger

The Revaluation of Otto Preminger



The Revaluation of Otto Preminger Despite his uneven success, and the three phases on which you could divide his career (the noir period, the social and political involvement, including the portrayals of institutions, and the last season of personal projects), this retrospective highlighted how the Preminger universe is rather more concentric that what was believed.

Infused by the same stream, Preminger’s films reverberate with stylistic and thematic similarities, rooted on a concept of Cinema in a realistic matrix.

This round table with Jean Douchet, a witness of the director’s critical parable and a defender of his oeuvre through the years, and Chris Fujiwara, who has recently made a strong contribution to the revaluation of Preminger, will be a chance to confirm this assumption, but also to illustrate a few stylistic characteristics, from the famous notion of mise en scène  to the work on “invisible editing”.

At the end of the day, after the screening of one of the filmmaker’s most famous titles, The Man with the Golden Arm, with an introduction by French cineaste Jean-Claude Brisseau, and the presentation of the book by Mylène Demongeot (who starred in the amazing Bonjour tristesse),  we’ll have a World premiere of the portrayal that the celebrated series “Cinéma de notre temps”  has dedicated to Otto Preminger.

The work of André Labarthe,  which alternates interviews with archival footage, will give yet another impulse to the enhancement of the critical profile of a director that has been able to fight against censorship, the power of big Studios, and who has been especially able to bring a vision of the World where differences are more important than assertions.

Carlo Chatrian

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