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The big Guest

The big Guest


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Excellence Award Moët & Chandon: Sir Christopher Lee
British actor Christopher Lee will receive the Excellence Award Moët & Chandon, on Wednesday 7 August on the Piazza Grande. The following day, Thursday 8 August, at the Spazio Cinema (Forum), the public will have the opportunity to attend a conversation with the actor moderated by film critic Emmanuel Burdeau.

In honor of Christopher Lee the following films will be screened:

THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES by Terence Fisher – United Kingdom – 1959 – 87 min.

UMBRACLE by Pere Portabella – Spain – 1972 – 85 min.

THE WICKER MAN by Robyn Hardy – United Kingdom – 1973 – 88 min.

New 40th Anniversary digital restoration, courtesy of StudioCanal Limited.

Every year the Festival del film Locarno’s Excellence Award goes to one or more actors of international stature. Previous recipients are Oleg Menchikov, Susan Sarandon, John Malkovich, Willem Dafoe, Michel Piccoli, Carmen Maura, Toni Servillo, Chiara Mastroianni, Isabelle Huppert and, in 2012, Charlotte Rampling and Gael García Bernal. Moët & Chandon is supporting the Excellence Award for the fifth consecutive year.

Premio Raimondo Rezzonico: Margaret Ménégoz
The Premio Raimondo Rezzonico - Best Independent Producer will be awarded to the French producer Margaret Ménégoz, on Tuesday 13 August at 9.30pm on the Piazza Grande. The following day, Wednesday 14 August at the Spazio Cinema (Forum), Anthony Bobeau, Le Film Français, will moderate a public discussion with the producer.

The following films will be screened in honor of Margaret Ménégoz:

NOCE BLANCHE (White Wedding) by Jean-Claude Brisseau
France – 1989 – 92 min.

CONTE D'ÉTÉ (A Summer Tale) by Eric Rohmer
France – 1996 – 113 min.

The Premio Raimondo Rezzonico was established in 2002, in memory of the man who was the Festival’s chairman for almost twenty years. This award, offered by the Municipality of Minusio, is attributed every year to an important independent producer, aiming to highlight a key figure in film, and to salute their courage, their ability to take risks and support auteurs. Previous recipients are Paulo Branco, Ruth Waldburger, Karl Baumgartner, Jeremy Thomas, the Agat Films & Cie collective, Lita Stantic, Christine Vachon, Martine Marignac, Menahem Golan, Mike Medavoy and, in 2012, Arnon Milchan.

Lifetime Achievement Award - Parmigiani: Jacqueline Bisset
The Lifetime Achievement Award - Parmigiani 2013 will be presented to the british actress Jacqueline Bisset. The award ceremony will take place on Sunday 11 August at 9.30pm on the Piazza Grande and the following day, Monday 12 August, Jacqueline Bisset will take part in a public conversation moderated by Chris Fujiwara, Artistic Director of the Edinburgh Film Festival.

In honor of Jacqueline Bisset, the Festival will screen:

RICH AND FAMOUS by George Cukor (Piazza Grande)
United States – 1981 – 117 min.

United States – 1984 – 112 min.

The Lifetime Achievement Award was created in 2011 to salute film personalities with an extraordinary career. In the past two years it was presented to two film legends, Harrison Ford (2011) and Alain Delon (2012), and is supported by Parmigiani this year for the first time.

Pardo d’onore Swisscom: Werner Herzog
The Pardo d’onore Swisscom 2013 will be presented to the German director, scriptwriter, producer and actor Werner Herzog. The award ceremony will take place on Friday, 16 August, at 9.30pm on the Piazza Grande. Herzog will also take part in a conversation with Grazia Paganelli, author of a study of the filmmaker, which will be open to the public.

In honour of Werner Herzog, the following films will be screened:

AUCH ZWERGE HABEN KLEIN ANGEFANGEN (Even Dwarfs Started Small) – Germany – 1970 – 96 min.

AGUIRRE, DER ZORN GOTTES (Aguirre: The Wrath of God) – Germany – 1972 – 93 min.

KASPAR HAUSER - JEDER FÜR SICH GOTT GEGEN ALLE (The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser) – Germany – 1974 – 110 min.

NOSFERATU: PHANTOM DER NACHT (Nosferatu the Vampyre) – Germany/France – 1979 – 103 min.

FITZCARRALDO – Germany/Peru – 1982 – 157 min. (Piazza Grande)

WO DIE GRÜNEN AMEISEN TRÄUMEN (Where the Green Ants Dream) – Germany/Australia – 1984 – 100 min.

THE WHITE DIAMOND – Germany/Japan/United Kingdom – 2004 – 87 min.
GRIZZLY MAN – United States – 2005 – 104 min.

THE WILD BLUE YONDER – United States/United Kingdom/Germany – 2005 – 81 min.

MY SON, MY SON, WHAT HAVE YE DONE? – United States/Germany – 2009 – 91 min.

DEATH ROW II - PORTRAIT: BLAINE MILAM – United States – 2013 – 50 min. (Fuori concorso)

DEATH ROW II - PORTRAIT: DARLIE ROUTIER – United States – 2013 – 50 min. (Fuori concorso)

DEATH ROW II - PORTRAIT: DOUGLAS FELDMAN – United States – 2013 – 50 min. (Fuori concorso)

DEATH ROW II - PORTRAIT: ROBERT FRATTA – United States – 2013 – 50 min. (Fuori concorso)

For the last 25 years the Festival del film Locarno’s Pardo d’onore has been awarded to masters of contemporary cinema; previous recipients include filmmakers of such stature as Manoel de Oliveira, Bernardo Bertolucci, Ken Loach, Jean-Luc Godard, Abbas Kiarostami, Terry Gilliam, Aleksandr Sokurov, William Friedkin, Alain Tanner, JIA Zhang-ke and, in 2012, Leos Carax. Swisscom, main sponsor of the Festival del film Locarno since 1998, supports the Pardo d’onore for the fifth consecutive year.

Vision Award - Electronic Studio: Douglas Trumbull
American director and special effects maestro Douglas Trumbull is to receive the Festival’s first Vision Award - Electronic Studio, Wednesday 14 August on the Piazza Grande. The audience will also have an opportunity to participate in two exclusive masterclasses with Trumbull, who will share secrets about the work he did for such masterpieces as Blade Runner, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

The following films will be screened in honor of Douglas Trumbull:

2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY by Stanley Kubrick
United States/United Kingdom – 1968 – 141 min.

SILENT RUNNING – United States – 1972 – 89 min.

United States – 1977 – 137 min.

The Vision Award - Electronic Studio both highlights and pays tribute to someone whose creative work behind the scenes, as well as in their own right, has contributed to opening up new perspectives in film. The first Vision Award is supported by Electronic Studio, the Festival’s Official Technical Partner.

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