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Let’s Start with Segre & Capossela: Documentary and Concert

Let’s Start with Segre & Capossela: Documentary and Concert



Locarno66 is a launching pad built on Italian cinema. That’s right, because in the edition which will be launched in August 2013 there is not only the comingback of an Italian movie on the Piazza Grande big screen (La variabile umana, a thriller directed by Bruno Oliviero, starring Silvio Orlando). To complete the trenchant presence of the “Belpaese” in the most important competitions of the Festival (from Pippo Delbono’s return to Locarno with Sangue in the Concorso internazionale to the Pardo alla Carriera award assigned to Sergio Castellitto), the audience will have a delicious foretaste: the screening of a world premiere documentary called Indebito (“Undeserved”) and scheduled on the Festival first day (August 7) at 3.45 PM in the Auditorum Fevi. This is the last, “on the road” work shot by Andrea Segre who found in the singer-songwriter Vinicio Capossela's voice and music two main characters.

After exploring rough topics correlated to immigration through fiction movies (Io sono Li, meeting with great public approval during its presentation in 2010 at the Mostra del cinema di Venezia) and strong documentaries Come un uomo sulla terra and Mare chiuso, now Segre has decided to follow Capossela’s bizarre pace and to vagabond the symbolic place of crisis, a Greece suffocated by debt and crushed under its pressure. A country which meets the “underworld” made of sounds and words produced by the rebetes, that is to say  rebetiko singers – a kind of Hellenic blues, an “undeserved” music which has no authorization and goes against power. A music originated by the desperation of an ancient crisis which contributed to build Greece’s modern identity. Their concerts fill up the all-night taverns of Athens and Thessaloniki where they meet and cross Vinicio Capossela’s path, musician-wanderer who is always ready to interlace his notes with the thoughts of a travel journal.

But the documentary Indebito will not be only shown in Locarno, on August 7: it will go beyond – before and after the screening. At 2.00 PM, in fact, Andrea Segre and Vinicio Capossela are going to take part to a public meeting organized in Spazio Magnolia and moderated by the Artistic Director of the Festival del film Locarno Carlo Chatrian and the journalist Marco Zucchi (live on the radio channel Rete 1, RSI). Then, right after the screening, Capossela is going to perform at a concert with five Greek musicians (Manolis Pappos, Ntinos Chatziiordanou, Vassilis Massalas, Angelos Polychronou and Glauco Zuppiroli) giving the Locarnese audience the opportunity to get in touch with the songs of the album Rebetiko Gymnastasa.

Lorenzo Buccella

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