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Mastering Street Art at the Festival

Mastering Street Art at the Festival



Their names are Pablo Togni and Christian Rebecchi, but they are mainly known as Nevercrew – a Ticinese duo chosen as “Artists of the Year” by Bally Foundation for Culture. The two exponents of street art are working together since 1996 and have distinguished themselves in a long series of urban projects, such as the Octopus painting at the Lugano street park (see picture).

In particular, the Artistic Committee of Bally Foundation has appreciated their ability to identify themselves with the last, international tendencies of urban and street art. The two members of Nevercrew will then give proof of their talent during the first weekend of the Festival del film Locarno, in an exclusive art session organized near the Spazio Forum Cinema; Pablo and Christian will work on a canvas (1,5x2 metres), drawing inspiration from cinema and its magical atmosphere.

Mattia Bertoldi

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