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Joanna Hogg and Liam Gillick

Joanna Hogg and Liam Gillick



Joanna Hogg (director)

The original inspiration for this movie was given by the house and James Melvin's works, a modernist architect died in 2012 who had been very underrated. I found it very inspiring and I couldn't imagine the film setting place anywhere else. Actually, the house is the third character of this movie.

The house becomes a place where relationships grow up, it was important to shoot the way the characters were moving around and inside the building. Choreography was fundamental on the set.

The sense of loneliness felt by the woman is very central in the movie. I wanted to offer a portrait really based on truth and reality, for example focusing on the tension she lives between work and home.

Before shooting I wrote a 40-pages long document which was more detailed than the screenplay. It represented the essence of what I wanted to get. Seeing things with fresh eyes: that's what I am really interested in.

For the movie I considered to engage a real couple, but it didn't give me enough freedom during the casting – to me the most exciting part of making a film. I also really like seeing how chemistry evolves on the set.

Liam Gillick (actor)

When we finished to shoot, I was used to walk around the house, to take kind of possession of the building. I tried being familiar with it.

Every scene was shot 10, 20 times. It was never really improvised, it was never really based on a text. It was just in the middle, in a very naturalistic way, constantly moderated by things around us.

I knew who Viv was due to her music career. It helped, because she wasn't a complete stranger to me.

Mattia Bertoldi

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