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Marilyn Manson Garners Attention for Wrong Cops

Marilyn Manson Garners Attention for Wrong Cops



Another film by director Quentin Dupieux made its way to the Piazza Grande, this time as a world premiere. Dupieux's previous entries to the Festival del film Locarno include Rubber (2010) and Wrong (2012). Although similar in name, the latest installment to Locarno, Wrong Cops (2013), is not intended to be a sequel to Wrong.

The film debuted on Locarno’s famous screen August 9th. The director did not attend the Friday press conference, but producers Grégory Bernard and Kevos Van der Meiren alongside special effects artist Fabien Feintrenie and lead actor Mark Burnham were able to provide some insight on the film's collaboration with Marilyn Manson.

Prior to finishing the script, Dupieux was approached by the American musician/actor. As an avid fan of Rubber, Manson contacted the director requesting to participate in the film. At first the production team thought the request was a hoax, but came to realize the request was from the bona fide rockstar. They also learned Manson materialized his love of the film in the form of a tattoo that says "No Reason." Fans of Rubber will recognize that this is a line repeated by Lieutenant Chad as he address the camera directly.

Quite different from his stage persona, Manson plays a braces-clad teenager by the name of David Dolores Frank. According to the producer, it was Manson's request to be shown in a different light.

The addition of Marilyn Manson to the cast helped promote the film as audiences were eager for another kind of collaboration. Early in his career and as a necessity to add sound to his films, Dupieux started producing music under the name Mr. Oizo. He has since made four albums. Fans of Marilyn Manson and Mr. Oizo followed publicity covering the film hoping for news of a soundtrack collaboration. Like his previous films, Mr Oizo composed and performed all of the songs, but made an exception for the end credits. The two came up with, "Solid," and it will be released as an EP.

The song is already available as a download on Mr. Oizo's site and Wrong Cops (Chapter One) can be purchased from a link on the official website.

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