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The Names of Locarno 67

The Names of Locarno 67



A beginning in a sci-fi thriller atmosphere, with Scarlett Johansson in the role of action-star, next to Morgan Freeman. That will be the adrenalinic slap which will officially open the 67° edition of the Festival del film Locarno, on Wednesday August 6th. And then, a great guest will introduce the movie “Lucy” and walk on the Piazza Grande stage: the director Luc Besson. An author who has often given his main roles to female figures, in all the genres he has examined in depth.

In fact, he recently worked with another great actress who is coming as well to Locarno. We are talking about Mia Farrow, who will receive the Leopard Club Award from the Festival, on Friday August 8th; the very next Friday, August 14th, it will be then time to honour another arthouse cinema icon like Juliette Binoche (Excellence Award Moët & Chandon). Great women of cinema are going to appear in Locarno, and in all the sections: from the couple Suzanne Clément-Julie Depardieu in Piazza Grande to the eccentric Melanie Griffith who will reach the Lago Maggiore side in order to introduce a short movie.

Also the male universe is well represented with an international star like Armin Mueller-Stahl, who will be honoured in Locarno with the Lifetime Achievement Award – Parmigiani. Moving to the Concorso internazionale, we find great American actors, such as Jason Schwartzman and Jonathan Pryce; but also in the international juries it will be possible to see the famous faces of Rutger Hauer, Alice Braga and Connie Nielsen.

Those Locarnese guests will be accompanied - as usual at the Festival - by a long series of authors who will converge towards the Festival screens. From Agnès Varda (Pardo d’onore Swisscom) to Víctor Erice (Pardo alla carriera), not to mention Olivier Assayas, Dario Argento, Martín Rejtman, Eran Riklis, Pedro Costa, Aleksandr Sokurov and Lav Diaz.

Everybody has been witness - with his/her own artistic path - of the several and different ideas of cinema which find in the Festival a new home. “Authorial strongholds” as well as a more popular taste, not to mention a wide range of genres; because contamination and contraddictions always play the role of the best compasses for Locarno, in order to explore the most fertile zones of the contemporary cinema.

Lorenzo Buccella

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