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I 400 colpi in Piazza Grande

I 400 colpi in Piazza Grande



Today at 9:30 PM the Prefestival will devote the Piazza Grande to another great masterpiece of the past, 30 years after the death of a Nouvelle Vague master like François Truffaut.

Thanks to a restored version of Les Quatre Cents Coups, it will be possible to enjoy once again that famous hymn to childhood freedom in all its beauty. Moreover, the Prefestival will welcome with open arms the main character of the movie, Jean-Pierre Léaud, who will already be in Locarno that night.

As one of the favourite actors of the French director and his alter ego, the little Antoine Doinel had then taken part to a long series of Truffautian movies, growing up through different life phases - from adolescence to adult age, according to Léaud's biography who had always kept this role.

This second Prefestival evening is made possible through the support of UBS.

Lorenzo Buccella

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