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Simple. Direct. Melanie

Simple. Direct. Melanie


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“Why did I get involved with Thirst? Because I loved the script when I read it”. Wonderfully simple and direct, Melanie Griffith is guest of honour of the Festival del film Locarno and the star of a short movie which is competing in the international section of Pardi di domani. “But just because it is short doesn’t make it neither easier” the star of Body Double and Something Wild claims, “nor more experimental than a feature film. It has nothing to do with the length of the project but with the people involved and the story itself”.

The American actress – who won a Golden Globe Award and was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in Mike Nichols’ Working Girl – has no doubts: filmmaking is about teamwork. And the American director of Thirst, the 31-years-old Rachel McDonald deserves all her esteem. “Working with Rachel was a dream, she was totally in control, knew what she wanted and she is incredibly creative”.

Talking about her second experience as filmmaker (and her very first debut as writer), McDonald shows all her gratitude to Melanie Griffith telling us how the collaboration started. “We were working about casting and we immediately loved the idea to contact Melanie for the role of Sue. We wrote an impassioned letter to her which accompanied the script. A few days later, we were sitting in Melanie’s living room discussing the film and being completely taken by her warmth, honesty and infectious charm: we left her house knowing that we had found the perfect Sue”.

One of the most talented Hollywood stars and one emerging director who used to work as assistant in some of the most famous blockbusters of the last years (from Iron Man to J. Edgar): together, on the same set. And together they will come to Locarno, sharing the experience of the Festival for the very first time. “This festival” McDonald says, “has a very unique and colorful history and is known for being the festival of discovery. It seems to be an absolutely magical setting and gathering and I feel incredibly honored that Thirst is making its World Premiere here”.

“A festival” the actress recaps, “that cares more about the quality of the films as opposed to the amount of money it can make”.
Wonderfully simple and direct: welcome to Locarno, Melanie Griffith.

Mattia Bertoldi

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