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Carlo was a friend…

Carlo was a friend…



The weight of a troubled, painful youth lies on Alfredo, a white collar struggling with his personal working issues. Every weekend this ordinary man travels with his family to the Ticino Valley where he lived as a boy, a journey which brings back to memory the figure of a father unable to give him a decent life. Split between past and present, Alfredo is played by one of the most important italian characters, Omero Antonutti, unforgettable protagonist of Paolo and Vittorio Taviani's La notte di San Lorenzo. His portrait of Alfredo's wasted inner life is one of the best in the actor's career. "I chose Omero together with the director of photography Carlo Varini. He was, above all, a close friend to me" said the director Villi Hermann. "We cast all the actors without watching tapes or stuff like that, but talking with them in person. Carlo was deeply interested in how the light reflected on their faces."
Thanks to the collaboration with Luc Besson in movies like Subway and Le Grand Bleu, Varini became in the '80 one of the most important DP in Europe.

Adriano Ercolani

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