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SUISA in the World of Wolves

SUISA in the World of Wolves



Writing music for a movie deeply based on music is like being a painter and facing a huge, white canvas: he can feel overwhelmed by terror or excited for the opportunity. The latter was the case for Roman Lerch, the 26-year-old Solothurn-based composer who won the FONDATION SUISA Film Music Prize for Shana – The Wolf's Music score, which includes a monetary award of 15,000 CHF.

A “very inspired, passionate and masterly composed score”: that was the motivation of the five-member jury and its president Marco Blaser. “I wanted to compose a very distinctive music for the protagonist, Shana, because it contributes a lot to the development of her character” answered the young artist, who completed his studies at the Bern and Zurich Universities of the Arts. Like in the last years, the prize was presented at the Festival del film Locarno during a special broadcast live from La Magnolia, followed by the award ceremony.

Moreover, the Festival audience will have the opportunity to appreciate Lerch's score in Nino Jacusso's movie on Sunday, August 17th, at 21.00: Shana – The Wolf's Music – the story of a young, talented violinist who befriends a wild wolf that guides her to reconnect with her ancestors – will be screened in Piazza Grande as the traditional movie for families which will close this 67th edition.

Mattia Bertoldi
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