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Agnès Varda – Pardo d’onore Swisscom

Agnès Varda – Pardo d’onore Swisscom


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Q. You crossed many different forms of cinema during your career , from fiction to documentary, from first person movie to video art. What pushed you to continue your research?
I'm a very curious person. I'm curious about get to know people, situations, different countries. I soon understood that it's important to have necessary tools to realize own movies and imagine each time the most suitable form without fear. Now I'm converting my first movies on DCP to screen them in theaters. I ask myself about these changes, but I believe it's important to preserve collective viewing. Indeed I'm very happy of the invitation in Piazza Grande by Carlo Chatrian.

Q. Are you thrilled screening such a personal movie like Les Plages d'Agnès in Piazza Grande?
Definitely. I realized I wanted to talk about others telling a story about myself , people I had the chance to meet and that were foundamental in my life. I hope is a fluid story, like a ship crossing that merges memories and different moments to share with people. I hope not to arrive in Locarno as a “dinosaur” from the past, but finding a free dialogue with the present.

Q. In Les Glaneurs e la glaneuse you faced a thorny subject for capitalist society, focusing your being a filmaker in the passage to digital technologies.
I end up in the right time. I was interested not only describing these people who live with what the world wasted away, but I also wanted them to express their opinions. My subject needed a new technology, I had to create a one on one relationship and only in a second moment involve a phonic. We have to reach others tiptoe, especially if they live on the fringes of society.

Q. You created two unforgettable female characters such as Clèo in Clèo de 5 à 7 and Mona in Sans toit ni loi. What they represent for you today?
They are two women that are going to face the death in deeply different ways. Clèo, even if is sick, faces with serenity her fate. On the contrary Mona is more dark and her depart marks in a more definitive way. They sure are two characters that anticipate time.

Q. Have you ever considered yourself part of a movement?
Never, I didn't want to. From an artistic point of view everybody talks about Nouvelle Vague, but it wasn't a real movement. From a political point of view I always refused to join a party. Even in women movement, in which I actively participated, I didn't want to be a spokesperson, but always stay among people during demonstrations.

Q. What is your advice to young directors that are just starting their career?
It's foundamental being curious and withstand, always have the mental curiosity to carry on his own personal research, against all odds. For this reason all my battles are today focused to protect free expression in movies against the predominance of television, and women's rights.

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