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“A Blast”

“A Blast”



Syllas Tzoumerkas, director

“There is a generation fight going on and to me family is a good medium to express it.”

“We took action every moment, as Maria (the character) does”

“The most improvise scene was the karaoke fight at the end, that was a crazy day of shooting”

“It's a consciously feminist film in an era where bullies are getting fashionable”

“Sexuality is a dramatic medium, a way of seeing characters in an intimacy you couldn't get to see, but also a way to get the viewers closer, almost intimate with the characters”

“Sexuality is (in the movie) at first very light and easy, then it becomes self-inflicted, and finally very wild.”

Titus Kreyenberg, producer

“It is not a concept film like so many greek films, it was very physical (...) I liked this "right on your face" aspect”

Giulia Pastena, Lorenzo Regazzoni

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