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Initiatives Alliance For Development (8 – 10 August)
A pilot project of a new initiative launched in 2015 by the Industry Office of the Festival del film Locarno with the support of the Federal Office of Culture (FOC) Switzerland, (in the context of the MEDIA compensatory measures), Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC), France, Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo (MiBACT), Italy and the Filmföroderungsanstalt (FFA), Germany. Its concrete aim is to encourage co-development and coproductions between several of these countries around projects that offer natural opportunities for organic, creative and financing partnerships. It will consist in proposing 5 projects to the European industry key players attending the Locarno Industry Days that, for the majority of them, have already benefited from grants allocated by the recently created development funds between France-Italy and Italy-Germany. The launch of the French-German one is due for this year. Switzerland being the natural co-producing partner of France, Germany and Italy, it seems a perfect match to offer a specific platform to contribute to the existing common effort of these countries to intensify co-development at an early stage, thus also including Switzerland. The teams (director/producers) of the five chosen projects will come to the Locarno Industry Days to present and discuss their projects in the Alliance For Development tailor-made programme consisting of a mix of individual meetings set up in advance with potential partners (co-producers, funders, international sales agents, distributors) and networking activities to favour additional contacts.


StepIn (Sunday, 9 August)
StepIn, launched four years ago, is an initiative designed as an interdisciplinary and international exchange platform in which new strategies for distribution, exhibition and sales of auteur cinema are discussed and developed. The StepIn morning will be dedicated to closed working sessions – the brainstorming part of the StepIn Day – gathering distributors, exhibitors, sales agents and filmmakers, including members from StepIn partner organizations Europa Distribution, Europa International, Europa Cinemas, and Fera as well as producers, funders and festivals to tackle a specific challenge pertaining to the future of distribution of art-house films in Europe and abroad. A short keynote will start off the afternoon, open plenary session of StepIn. In the debrief part of the day, each working group shares a round up of their discussion, highlighting the greatest challenges and sharing inspirations, ideas and recommendations to adapt to them. Following each presentation is a Q&A and a discussion session involving the audience.


StepIn.ch (Saturday, 8 August)
Initially designed as a one-of conference to address the new situation Switzerland faced after its exit from the Creative Europe MEDIA programme of the European Union in 2014, we quickly realized that there is a demand by Swiss and European film professionals to discuss specific challenges the Swiss film industry is confronted with. For the upcoming edition, we will focus on the (lack of) visibility of Swiss films on national and international VoD platforms. After a case study of a European VoD platform, an interactive forum will follow during which representatives from the Swiss and European film industry, Swiss film promotion agencies and cultural and political institutions will discuss the current situation and share ideas about possible strategies to improve the visibility of Swiss films on VoD. Questions and comments from the audience are encouraged. The panel is organized in partnership with Festival Tous Ecrans.


Locarno Industry Academy (5 – 12 August)
The Industry Academy has been designed as a very practical shortcut to the fi lm industry with a strong European and international dimension, and to help young professionals to extend their own network of contacts. This fi rst edition will welcome ten participants from nine European countries and one from Mexico, exploring the perspective of an international opening of this program. This new initiative has been developed in close cooperation with Europa International, Europa Distribution and Europa Cinemas, with the support of the Swiss Federal Offi ce of Culture in the context of MEDIA compensatory measures.


First Look on Israeli Cinema (8 – 10 August)
The Festival del fi lm Locarno’s First Look is dedicated to Israel this year. Initiated in 2011, First Look presents fi lms in post-production from a different country each year. Thanks to a partnership with the Israel Film Fund, this year’s First Look will show six fi lms in postproduction, each introduced by its producer to the various international sales agents, funders, distributors and festival programmers attending Locarno. A jury composed of three industry professionals will award the best fi lm with an in-kind prize for post-production services worth 60.000 Euros sponsored by Rotor Film and an in-kind prize for advertising services worth 5.500 Euros offered by Le Film Français. In light of some of the reactions that this year’s edition has provoked, the Festival has decided to change the name of the initiative, re-naming it “First Look”, as the previously used “Carte Blanche” did not refl ect accurately enough the way in which the project is organized and gave rise to misinterpretations.

Match-Me (8 –10 August)

Launching this year is Match-Me, a new initiative that gives continuity to the past editions of the post-production showcase through a partnership with First Look partners from previous years: Cinema do Brasil, CinemaChile, Proimagenes Colombia and IMCINE (Mexico). Each of them will invite to Locarno up to four upcoming producers to introduce their works to potential coproducers, funds or sales companies. Additionally, a series of professional lunches with Industry key players will help create a fertile networking in a productive “Latino’s Corner”.

Industry Days are organized with the support of the Swiss Federal Offi ce of Culture in the context of MEDIA compensatory measures.

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