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Stars at #Locarno68

Cécile de France, one of Locarno68’s guests, in “La Belle Saison”.


Edward Norton will be in Locarno to receive the Excellence Award Moët & Chandon.


Andy Garcia, Leopard Club Award 2015.


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A guitar played by Meryl Streep will give #Locarno68 its starting rhythm. Ricki and the Flash is the Piazza Grande opening movie, signed by a great director like Jonathan Demme (who won the Academy Award for The Silence of the Lambs) – a symbolic start for a red carpet which, never like this year, can be considered Hollywoodian. Let's think about the pair of celebrities which will come to the Lake Maggiore shore to receive the Excellence Award Moët & Chandon and the Leopard Club Award.

On the one hand, the genius and the versatility of one of the greatest actors of the contemporary scene: Edward Norton. On the other one, Andy Garcia - a name which is synonymous of charm, charisma and elegance. Diamond points which will shine together with the Pardo d'onore Swisscom, Michael Cimino (author of a cult movie like The Deer Hunter) and the new star of American comedy, Amy Schumer, on the Piazza Grande stage and big screen with Bill Hader for Judd Apatow’s Trainwreck.

If we move from America to Europe, the Locarnese forestage won’t be able to avoid to speak French, thanks to the Pardo alla carriera to one of the Nouvelle Vague icons (but not only): Bulle Ogier. Not to mention the important artists who are going to spread all over.

In the Concorso internazionale we find Sabine Azéma, Alain Resnais’ muse in many of his movies and protagonist of Andrzej Zulawski’s Cosmos; in the Concorso Cineasti del presente we have the duo Melvil Poupaud/Clémence Poésy (Le Grand Jeu); in Piazza Grande there will be Cécile de France’s breezy beauty to introduce La Belle Saison – an actress who’s at ease with sentimental drama as much as she has been with comedies.

The Festival del film Locarno is full of coming and going – sometimes, there is space for welcome comebacks. Like the return of the great international cinema Swiss Lady Marthe Keller, who is protagonist of Barbet Schroeder’s last movie Amnesia. Or Carmen Maura, who was awarded at the Festival in 2007 and she will be back with Lionel Baier’s La Vanité.

But Locarno is also keeping a dialogue between the discoveries of yesterday and today, like shown by Italian cinema. Beyond Mario Martone’s coming, the Pardo d’onore Swisscom given to Marco Bellocchio is the homage to the career of a great director who lived here his international initiation – with I pugni in tasca, 50 years ago.

An award which represents also a wish, to whom they are hoping to imitate his journey coming from #Locarno68.

Lorenzo Buccella

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