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Peter von Bagh

Peter von Bagh



The Festival del film Locarno was greatly saddened to hear of the death of Finnish film historian, researcher, critic and filmmaker Peter von Bagh.

The Festival’s Artistic Director Carlo Chatrian recalls: "Peter von Bagh was – to use Serge Daney’s word – one of the great “passeurs” of the seventh art, someone who was able not only to draw attention to directors and films unfamiliar to many, but also had a particular way of dealing with that magma-like, constantly evolving thing that we call cinema. His work as a curator, director and editor, as an accomplice and companion to other filmmakers and programmers made him one of the most original figures on the contemporary scene. I think it will take time to fully appreciate the role he played in the history of film criticism; but more immediate, however for all those who had the pleasure of knowing him and savoring his sense of humor, is the sense of loss, the void left by his passing away.”

Peter von Bagh was a guest of Locarno with Socialismi in 2014, and in 2006 edited the publication that accompanied the Aki Kaurismäki retrospective.

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