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About the Carte Blanche dedicated to Israeli cinema

About the Carte Blanche dedicated to Israeli cinema



Throughout its long history, the Festival del film Locarno has always been a place of freedom of expression for filmmakers, producers and actors from all over the world, without distinction of ethnicity, religion or nationality. Along the way, the Festival has given voice to discomfiting auteurs, neglected film industries and directors who are oppressed and in exile, while avoiding political or ideological exploitation. This was the case in 2007 when the Festival dedicated the Open Doors section to the Mashrek countries (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Iraq, the Palestinian territories and Egypt), with the 2006 Pardi di domani retrospective “East of the Mediterranean” or with the focus in 2013 on Syrian films, produced despite incredibly difficult conditions. For us, these principles of artistic liberty are a creed that cannot be renounced.

The densely packed program for the upcoming edition – which also includes a focus on Maghreb (Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Algeria) – comprises a “Carte blanche” dedicated to Israeli cinema. The aim of the initiative is to select seven projects currently in post-production and to present them to an audience of professionals, in order to help them find the funding required for their completion. The search for these projects would obviously not be possible without the support of a locally based organization. The presence of the Israeli Film Fund – with whom the Festival del film Locarno, like the majority of international festivals, has an established relationship – is no different from the process followed in the four previous editions, dedicated to Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Brazil. As with the previous examples, the decision was made to choose an original and complex film industry on the contemporary scene, with the aim of giving a voice to projects selected by the Festival on purely artistic criteria.

We strongly believe that, like Open Doors Maghreb and the entire programme for the upcoming edition, the Carte Blanche focusing on Israeli cinema will represent an important opportunity for debate and dialogue, within the context of cultural enrichment that is and always will be an inalienable quality of the Locarno Festival.

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