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A little blog I keep while shootings covers for Pardo Live

Edward Norton, Excellence Award Moët&Chandon 2015


© Alessio Pizzicannella


A little blog I keep while shootings covers for Pardo Live, here is the first one from yesterday shoot, and day 1 with E.Norton:

"Edward Norton. He is my first assignment for this year's Locarno Film Festival.
I'm not even going to start raving on about how much I admire him as an actor, let's skip the sick a fan review.

I had an appointment with Norton at a plush Hotel in Ascona, 1245pm. Of course I was there at 1030am. The shoots are so quick (8minutes today) and the pressure to produce front cover material everyday for 10 days straight it's enough to wake me up well before sunrise. So I like to take it easy at least for the setting up. I usually need two shots, one of which ends up in the cover.

oday I wanted to play with that Fight Club neon look, and for the spread I wanted to show some of the surroundings area, kind of a landscape shot, which is something I never did in the previous years. The meeting was brief but Norton being such a pro made it easy enough for me to go home with the goods. Turns out he is into photography too. 

So one done and nine to go. Wish me luck."

Alessio Pizzicannella

Edward Norton – PardoLive cover – August 5th, 2015


Edward Norton from the PardoLive cover


© Alessio Pizzicannella
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