News from the Locarno Festival

Life & Set - Mother & Daughter

Ricki and the Flash - Jonathan Demme



Meryl Streep

“Everyday is some kind of compromise if you’re a working woman. And there’s a different set of expectations and a different guilt that it is self-generated and condoned in the large of society than there is for men… In any profession men are held to a completely different standard of parenthood… And life is unfair. Like Ricki says in the movie. And then she says: ‘Ladies, you know what I’m talking about?’. And all the women say: ‘Yeeeah’. Jonathan didn’t tell the extras to say anything, but they did what they felt”


Mamie Gummer

“I was kind of worry to act angry towards my mother. I didn’t want to seem wounding or punishing or anything. I was kind of concerned that I was in a way that I would act too well and she wouldn’t be able to differentiate me and Julie (her character). But after the first take, when Jonathan yelled ‘Cut’; I looked at her and she had this big grin on her face, so I knew it was fine. She is a professional and she knows where the line is drawn. It was very valuable and kind of poignant exercise to meet each other on a level playing”

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