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Open Microphone – Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

From left Thomas Mann actor, Olivia Cooke actress, RJ Cyler actor, Alfonso Gomez-Rejon director and Jeremy Dawson producer



RJ Cyler, actor

“It was great being on set but also surprising because I didn't feel like a newbie... as I was.”

Thomas Mann, actor

“I did a lot of teen movies, mostly comedy, so I really wanted to work in a more dramatic movie. But it flowed in a very genuine way: to find the balance between the drama and the comedy felt effortless because the writing was so good that everything proceeded naturally.”

Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, director

“It was a very difficult movie to make. The final scene at the hospital didn't work out as I planned it so I had to re-invent the whole set and that's a very humbling process. Also, I was trying to find the good rhythm and in that sense the sound design helped a lot. In the film there is often silence, whereas often films use cues which force the audience the feel emotional. But I wanted to create the idea of a journey and to be respectful of the audience.”


Clara Miranda Scherffig

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